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How to setup Tomcat with AWS Loadbalancer SSL offloading

Recently I ran into an issue with an application which

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Robust Rest APIs with Serverless Micro Service

I’ve worked for various companies which both want

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AWS and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

When I first got introduced to the Spring framework it

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Making big decisions small decisions

“BIG” decisions stop progress.  They are t

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History What you know is directly tied to what you can

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Should you build it, reference it or buy it? Making software decisions

When starting a business, you often start with a vision

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The business of connecting people

A new market opportunity is emerging related to how bus

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Information Convenience Technology, the current disruptive innovators

Over the past 5 years there’s been a steady chang

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The 5 steps to planning a software startup

There are a lot of people out there with “BIGR

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