The business of connecting people

The business of connecting people

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A new market opportunity is emerging related to how businesses can connect people to moments they might typically miss. This new market has been triggered by the consumer’s lack of desire to push aside competing interests that may or may not be more important, in order to engage. Technologies that utilize real-time engagement are seeking ways to excuse the user from having to take a break from what they were doing in order to engage.

The Live / Stored Streaming Hybrid

The Live / Stored Streaming hybrid presents a compelling opportunity to work with the current cultural nature rather than against it. The goal is to provide a safe environment, notify the observers that an event is going on, then allow them to decide to engage in the moment in real time or some time later. This provides a freer level of engagement the end user can log into in a way that flows much more cohesively with his or her current behavior. While this concept is not completely new, and has been going strong in social media for a while, the use of video in this context is in fact new. Using this approach, Weple is finding that engagement across social groups increases, with the types of content shared increasing as well. With an average session duration of 12 minutes or more, this medium can easily be seen as an effective new form of communication.

Extending businesses

Social Streaming is poised to become the new way in which businesses illustrate why you should engage with their products and services. However, that just breaks the surface of how Social Streaming will actually evolve businesses, both big and small. Social Streaming will allow businesses to offer access subscriptions, such as a fitness studio giving classes or a sports feed like ESPN offering curated content. It will drive sales of products and services through linking from the Social Streaming platform to product and service sites, or directly to a point of sale. It also has the ability to allow customers to recommend products and services in a “living and breathing” way that will engage other consumers on a more emotional level. For example, imagine restaurant reviews with Social Streaming of the actual meal that’s being reviewed. All of these ideas open new doors for business, and will become more and more common in the modern industry.

The Value of the Data

Other fascinating aspects being seen through the use of public/private Social Streaming are new categories of analytics. This medium has the power to identify emerging patterns about the strength of a relationship more than any other social media type. The primary reason for this is that video is more personal. What you share and with whom you share it reveals laser-focused metadata versus a traditional social media post that is sent out to the masses. How people engage after that builds upon that base, creating a profile of connections and involvement. All of this can be observed through analyzing the metadata only, without watching a single video.

Getting Involved

While we’re in the early stages of social streaming there is tremendous opportunity to get involved with defining how businesses can leverage it. Companies like Weple are starting to engage in these aspects and are always looking for early adopters who have a passion for reaching consumers in new and innovative ways.

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