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What you know is directly tied to what you can do.  I know this all too well, as I grew up with a reading disability which made school difficult and my professional life that much harder.  I really started taking off when I discovered audio books, which opened up the doors to information which I never would have without this medium.

What is it is an app designed to turn the process of reading technical whitepapers into a convenient listening experience.  You can choose between a variety of narrators, and have access to your whitepapers no matter the device you’re on.  Whether its a web browser, an iphone, an android or a kindle fire, the app will give you access to the information you want to know.

Technology wise, runs as a mostly serverless aws application.  This allows the overall costs near zero, while opening up the capabilities to a broad set of technologies which typically would have to have custom solutions.

Current Status

Currently is in beta.  If you’re interested in getting it during this time period please email you itunes email address to and ask for access to the beta.