About Me

The first thing you should know about me is that I always approach problems from multiple perspectives.  When I face a problem, whether its a business or personal problem, I look to understand where the problem came from, what behaviors lead to the problem and what I’d love to see a solution look like.  This approach has made me embrace a variety of technologies, business practices and study habits around organizational psychology which has lead me to making Advosight.

I’ve been in the software industry since 1999, continually working on the latest technologies before they really got going.  I’ve been apart of Microsoft .NET, XBox, Coca-Cola Freestyle, Weple and many more.  I’ve worked in embedded technologies such as cloud technologies, mobile apps, websites and desktop applications.  I hold all certifications in AWS at an associate and professional level.  I’ve pitched companies to some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, and have run operations on shoe string budgets.  Throughout these experiences I’ve held every position when it comes to the software industry, and understand the intricacies of how to get something going, how to get funded and how to build sustainability.

So what did I learn through all these experiences? Getting insights into the current technologies and trends can save you money, frustration and time.  This knowledge I then leverage as part of my Solution Architecture, Coaching and Analysis in order to coach entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions.  This site will give some of the experiences and continual education I’ve had in the technology field, and how it can translate into meaningful business decisions and execution.