When purchasing a company, or evaluating vendor quality, it is crucial to know what it is you’re paying for.  I’ve advised companies which recently purchased software, showing them what they thought was gold turned out to be largely not the work of those they were purchasing from.  This information allowed the CEO to make quick decisions on what to do in order to protect the finances of his investors.

First, to take away the mystery, I’ve spent my career being able to dive into some of the most complex systems and “Profile” developers.  When it comes to software, what code really is describing is logic patterns as to how people see their work and to some degree their world.  What I do is look at the logic patterns and match that up with aspects which can be predictive of the type work they’ll produce.  I call this “Profiling”.  From this I can then identify aspects such as quality, scalability, speed of ongoing development and options which are and are not available to you.  From this I will present my findings, along with a written report, which turns technology into tangible business value.

This is the information that helps drive key decision making from effective from a business perspective.  Getting this information at the beginning will help you and your team achieve your full potential.

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