In technology trying to work through the initial stages of a startup can be daunting.  From getting your team together for the first time, to coming up with a customer acquisition strategy, to writing a business plan.  In this period you’re also dealing with a lot of demands on your time which seems to be consumed more and more between the needs to get your minimum viable product setup and out the door and keeping your shoestring budget intact.  Approaching investors at the wrong stage can waist your time and make approaching them later that much harder.

Advosight Coaching offers you someone who can help guide you on your journey to making the next big breakthrough company.  I’ve had the chance to pitch businesses to the top names in Silicon Valley and have gotten coaching myself from CEOs and VPs of established industry leaders.  From these experiences I’ve found that I enjoy the process of adapting what I’ve learned in order to help others achieve their full potential.

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